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Mech-Q Full Suite Included

AViCAD also contains a complete 2D & 3D Plant Design Software package.
It’s your number one engineering solution with full CAD included.

The Engineering Package Includes:

Our Piping Tools

include a comprehensive range of pipe, fittings, flanges and valves: Welded, flanged, threaded, ductile & cast iron, victaulic, stainless, PVC…with auto-BOM and many other utilities.

Our Mechanical Tools

include a range of mechanical symbols & housings, gears plus much more. The Mechanical Module also includes material handling items (conveyor rolls, sprockets, Trajectory calculator..), springs, shafts utility plus most modules draw in 2D or 3D.

Our HVAC Tools

include rectangular, round and flat oval ducting with auto-BOM, auto-label, flat sheet development. Our HVAC module also includes duct transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct, grills and other accessories.

Our Structural Tools

allow you to quickly create steel stairs, details, shapes and more. The Structural Module also includes beam connections, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, beam designer. Many with auto-dimensioning to fabrication detail.
AViCAD also contains a complete 2D & 3D Plant Design Software package. It’s your number one engineering solution with full CAD included.Our engineering Suite includes FREE which integrate within the top menu bar.The engineering package alone (called Mech-Q) is valued at $999. When you purchase AViCAD you receive it at no additional cost.