We are happy to let you know about a little gem you’ll find inside AViCAD called 3D PDF Export. It unleashes alot of possibilities on how you will be able to distribute your 3D designs.

3D PDF Export is a really big feature because we have made it completely interactive.

You’ll also be able to add markups to 3D views and even track them in the Markups list. 3D PDF Export allows you to meet share your project with anyone. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only software required. This is a free program available from the Adobe web site.

  • Create dynamic 3D inside your PDF
  • Communicate and share your model with anyone
  • Easy and innovative way to communicate your ideas
  • No CAD software required, Free PDF Reader is all you need

You’ll be able rotate, zoom even render using a sketch-like effect. Layers and views can also be toggled on and off as needed. visible with the free Adobe Reader.

Best of all, no CAD is required to view your 3D model. A free Acrobat reader is all you’ll need This amazing plugin integrates directly within the AViCAD File pulldown menu.